The Smart Idea Shop exists because the best ideas are still out there!

It seems as though everybody has a smartphone or tablet and these devices allow us to discover new ways to work, study, play, interact. The technology in the latest smartphones and tablets are only the juicy pieces of meat that distract the watchdog of the mind… the real story in this ‘smart’ revolution is that the users of these devices are starting to see possibilities that go beyond the obvious. The real value is in the ‘smart’ application of the devices, not in the software or hardware. That real value, is in the ideas we get, the eureka moments that come to all of us – not just the nerdy geeky computer types.

Sure, the ideas come easy but implementing them has been all too hard for most people… Where do I start? Who do I go to? How much does it cost? Then what? How do I make money? These are all valid questions that had no obvious answers, until now.

Come to the Smart Idea Shop. Tell us your idea and we will make it happen at no cost to you. We will study your idea, help you refine it and build the app for you – once its built, we will market the app and share the revenue with you.   If you like our idea, then come share your ideas with us.

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