Mobile Strategy

Do you have a mobile strategy?  Do you need a mobile app?  What about the competition?  Will the app make money?  iPhone, Android, Windows or Blackberry?  Facebook has a smartphone?  Cost?  Will this new technology go away if you ignore it?  Is a website enough?

Mobile Strategy & Technology Consulting Services

Whilst Smartphones and Tablets have achieved phenomenal growth in the last two years, they are only the latest permutation in the mobility space.  The Smart Idea Shop’s team has over three decades of experience in delivering mobility solutions on the leading edge of technology.  Our experience has given us unique insights into mobile technology applications, trends and adoption.

We make the effort to understand our clients and look at how mobile apps can help our clients better engage their customers.   We help our clients survey the rapidly evolving technology landscape, identify the differentiators that advance the business and assemble the core elements of a cohesive mobile strategy.

Our services include:

  • Mobile Strategy and Roadmap
  • Business Case development and Requirements gathering
  • Platform/Vendor selection
  • Program Management
  • Mobile Policy and Governance
  • Evangelization and Adoption
  • User Experience

We have the expertise on hand to guide you through the mobile application marketplace and develop a strategy for mobile application integration in to your business environment. Talk to us!